How Can One Enjoy Durian Delivery Singapore?

mao shan wang durian singapore.

Durian is a highly popular fruit in Singapore and Malaysia. It retails for a morbidly high price and is very delicate and fragile and needs to be handled with immense care. If one wants to buy durian, he/ she can go to a grocery store, however, store-bought durians have a high chance of getting spoilt very soon, therefore it’s always preferable that durians, no matter the type is, must always be bought when fresh. To ensure that durians remain fresh, most people choose to order these fruits online, since online delivery platforms ensure that their produce remains fresh. These websites provide a guarantee of fresh produce and delivery.

Websites that offer delivery.

In the 21st century, when a man can order almost everything from the comforts of their home via a simple touch, multiple websites offer delivery of fresh fruit and vegetables across the globe. In Singapore, one can also order directly from stores or via multiple apps. Multiple websites offer durian delivery singapore. Some of these websites and stores are listed below, they are:

  • 99 Old Trees Durian
  • Parkway Durian
  • Durian Express
  • Eat fresh
  • Durian studio
  • Durian lobang king
  • Rich star durian
  • The durian king
  • The durian tree
  • The durian hub
  • Mister xo durian

Apart from these, there are also certain other websites that offer delivery services and if one orders from these, or any other websites, they are sure to get fresh produce, and a fruit-like durian, that must be bought fresh only, is a good choice to be ordered online.